Community Outreach

Being a church that reaches out gives us several opportunities throughout the year to be a light to those around us. Community outreach events are some of the practical ways we spread the love of Christ.

Food Drive

We partner most every month on the first Thursday of the Month with one of the local food pantries in Gresham. SnowCap has been serving the physical needs of many in the area for 50 years. Come join us next month and make a difference in our community.

national day of prayer

Day of Prayer

Although prayer is to be a daily activity and is mostly done in private, every year In the month of May, we come together as a group around the National day of Prayer and hold a continuous 12 hour prayer vigil. This special time of prayer allows us to corporately be united and lift up in prayer our families, our church, our city and our Nation.

Share the Harvest

Every October the Yakima Apple growers share their Harvest with the Covenant Community and together we help support the farming and food supply training in the Central African Republic. Look for your opportunity to be involved in the fall.

Angel Tree Ministry

During Christmas time we are given the opportunity to purchase gifts for the children of those who are incarcerated. This wing of the Prison ministry, that was started by Chuck Colsen, give us the chance to give Christmas gifts directly to the children and show God’s love for them.