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About Us

About Us

Hillsview Community Church in Damascus, OR: In 1914 a group of Swedish believers in the Damascus area decided to stop driving the long distance over the often muddied roads to the Swedish Evangelical Church downtown Portland and form the Mission Church of Damascus. Over the years is has changed its buildings and its name but the desire to reach the people in this area for Christ has not changed.

In the early 1950’s the sermons were changed to English and Hillsview called its first full time pastor, Ray Anderson. In 1965 the 5 acre property next door to the church was purchased with the hope of expansion. In the mid 70’s the church decided to sell off the old church building, raise more funds and build a new church complex on this 5 acre parcel where the present church exists.

Because of the faithfulness of many believers over the years, God has given Hillsview the opportunity to be a witness in the Damascus area for over a hundred years. To God be the Glory!

We are committed to encouraging and supporting families in their process of training their children spiritually. To raise up the next generation to have a relationship with the Lord and to have a foundational understanding of Christ’s love for them.

In addition to our our 11:00 Children’s Service on Sundays we also support our children through Hillsview Montessori Preschool. The preschool meets in our facility during the week and its excellent staff brings a quality of education to 50 or more preschoolers daily. For further information check out their website: www.hillsviewmontessori.com.

Our Beliefs

Hillsview is affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church. The Covenant Church is somewhat unique among denominations in the evangelical tradition in that it maintains theological freedom in the context of conservative biblical theology. Church historian Martin E. Marty has described the Evangelical Covenant Church as “the most ecumenical, distinctively evangelical denomination in the United States.”

Each local church is the primary authority for church decisions. The Covenant is congregational in organization, encouraging all members in local congregations to give themselves to the decision-making process–whether that be in the calling of pastors, setting ministry goals and budgets, or providing adequate facilities for ministry.

Each Covenant church shares in a common mission with other Covenant churches and gladly joins hands with all Christians to proclaim Christ.